Information for prospective DJs and those interested in joining WTUL

WTUL is a non-commercial, non-profit, progressive college radio station. What that means is that we play music that can't be heard on other radio stations in the New Orleans area. That doesn't mean that we all play super-obscure dub or indie-snob music, it just means that if it's on commercial radio stations (i.e. The End, The Zone, any "alternative," "hits" or "classic rock" station around the country) it doesn't have a place at WTUL. WTUL is a place for Tulane students, alumni, faculty and staff to explore new music and have an outlet to share the music that they love with the New Orleans community.

Why should YOU join WTUL?
1. You will meet tons of interesting people.
2. You will be able to develop relationships with local media and music outlets.
3. You will gain practical work experience for public radio broadcasting.
4. You will have the opportunity to learn about a wide range of music.
5. You will have a chance to score free concert tickets.

What can YOU do at the station?
1. Be a DJ! (First you gotta be an apprentice).
2. Help out with technical issues (computers, soundboards, etc.).
3. Help us run our website:
4. Coordinate public relation, sponsorships or community events.
5. Review music and write for an independent zine, The Vox

You can email the apprenctice director with any questions. You have to go through the apprentice program, including completing all the assignments and passing the DJ Test, in order to be a DJ at WTUL.

The program begins early each semester (including summer), and lasts 7 weeks. At the beginning of the semester there is a mandatory information meeting where you get to meet the apprentice director(s) and learn about the program. All those interested can attend the mandatory meeting; that means people affiliated with Tulane, or people who just love WTUL. If by the end of the meeting you decide that you want to be an apprentice, you fill out an application, and the apprentice director will spend an afternoon sitting on the floor scheduling all 50-something of the apprentices into time slots. She or he then emails you your time slots and you're ready to start the program!

The program consists of you shadowing a progressive DJ for six weeks, a specialty DJ for one week, and finally shadowing a member of the executive staff for one week. Also, there is some homework which consists of making playlists and listening to the station. To graduate from the program, you must complete a 30 minute practical exam and a written exam (which serves as your FCC license). The expected commitment is two hours a week for the show you are shadowing, plus 6 hours of apprentice tasks (16 if you are an apprentice during the spring semester due to marathon). In addition, there are chances to meet your fellow apprentices with apprentice gatherings at least once a semester.

If you're interested in the Apprentice program, email and we'll be in touch!

Tulane Affiliation
What do you bring to the table? (Why you'd make a great DJ, favorite musical genre, etc.)

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